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The rationale of our English Curriculum is rooted in our Mission Statement and school aims, which recognise that each pupil is unique and that by encouraging strengths and supporting weaknesses, we aim to develop each child’s full potential in all areas of learning. The Teaching and Learning Policy underpins the Curriculum Statement.

English is a subject not only important in its own right but as a means of accessing all other areas of the curriculum. At  St. Augustine’s we feel strongly that the development of children’s speaking, listening, reading and writing skills are not only essential for success throughout their education but also in later life. It helps us to make sense of our world and opens up the world of learning in all curriculum areas.

Good oracy and literacy skills provide us with tools to:-

  • Tackle real life problems
  • Understand and communicate information
  • Develop skills which are essential in most other areas of the curriculum
  • Open up a world of enjoyment which can be obtained from appreciating the power of good literacy skills.


The English Curriculum

By creating a stimulating environment, giving children a variety of experiences and providing a range of well organised resources, we aim to implement the requirements of the New National Curriculum as set out in the programmes of study. 


English Curriculum Statement (English Policy)