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We have adopted the Assertive Mentoring system for reading and writing, using the same standard procedures which are already being used for Maths in school. Children have individual records with assessment criteria measured against the objectives from the National Curriculum.

In Reading children have ongoing assessment through the scheme and termly reading tests from Years One to Six, as well as formative assessment for learning during the course of the year.

In Writing, children have ongoing assessment for learning and also complete a piece of writing each half term, which is used for assessment purposes to determine their level of progress through the national curriculum.

Children also complete statutory tests at set periods:-

  • Year One have a phonics screening test in June
  • Year Two complete SATS in the summer term, which include an assessment of reading and writing skills.
  • Year Six complete SATs in May, which include an assessment of reading and SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)


These are all standardised national tests, which all children are required to undertake, unless they are working at below the test expectations.


Assertive mentoring prompt sheets

 (KS1 - Years 1 & 2, LKS2 - Years 3 & 4, UKS2 - Years 5 & 6)

3 Power Openers LKS2 3 Power Openers UKS2
Connectives and Openers LKS2 Connectives and Openers UKS2
Figurative Language Prompt LKS2    Figurative Language Prompt UKS2   
Glossary of Literary Terms Grammar Prompts-KS2
Up Stage Vocabulary KS1 Up Stage Vocabulary LKS2
Up Stage Vocabulary Adjectives UKS2     Up Stage Vocabulary Verbs UKS2    


Punctuation Pyramid KS1 Punctuation Pyramid LKS2 Punctuation Pyramid UKS2
Up Stage Punctuation KS1 Up Stage Punctuation LKS2 Up Stage Punctuation UKS2



Examples of different types of text

           Text Types Lower KS2                   Text Types Upper KS2 - Fiction        Text Types Upper KS2 - Non-Fiction
Biography Adventure Biography
Discursive Argument Fairy Tales Discursive Argument
Explanation Historical Fiction Explanation
Instructions Legends Instructions
Narrative Modern Fiction Newspaper Report
Newspaper Report Myths Non-Chronological Report
Non-Chronological Report Narrative Persuasive Writing
Persuasive Writing Recount