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Year Three receive weekly singing sessions as part of the Diocese of Leeds Schools Singing Programme. These are delivered by Miss Amy Howe an expert Choral Director from the Diocese, focusing on positive engagement with singing and supporting the Catholic life of the school through sacred music. The sessions offer practical and incremental coverage of areas of the music curriculum - including notation - in a two-year curriculum framework developed by the Diocese, the National Schools Singing Programme and the National Youth Choir of Scotland. Pupils also have the opportunity to join one of the Diocese's acclaimed after-school choirs. You can find online resources that support this work on the Schools Singing Programme's YouTube channel ( Our local Diocese choir is Leeds Cathedral Choir - please contact for more information about joining.

Chamber Choir

Miss Howe has also trained a selection of children from years 3 to 6 during Wednesday lunchtimes. The standard of singing is excellent. Thanks to this we have a number of children who have been chosen to sing with the Cathedral Choir in Leeds.

This academic year we have had another 17 boys selected to join the Cathedral Junior Boys Choir.