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Visit from Emma Barnes

On 3rd March 2017 an author, Emma Barnes, visited St Augustine's Primary School. She came to tell us what it was like to be an author because it was World Book Day on Thursday. 
Emma began by showing us some of her incredible books - 'Wolfie' and 'Wishes'. She also told us about her new book, which is coming out in May.

When Emma was younger, her mother read her different stories every night. One particular night, her mum had to go downstairs without finishing the story; Emma was desperate to know what happened so unexpectedly she began to read. This is how she became a bookworm. One of the first books she read was the Famous Five by Enid Blyton.
However it was Matilda by Roald Dahl which really inspired her to write. Emma started writing stories when she was a teenager but her first two books were rejected by the publishers. Her first published book was Jessica Haggerthwate: Witch Dispatcher.

Emma has progressed with her writing and has become a famous author, she is very successful. All the children loved her, we were lucky we got to listen to one of her books, it was fantastic! You can buy one of her books and read for yourself. If I enjoyed it you should too, I was happy to learn all about her. - Rohan Green (Year 6)

World Book Day

The whole school enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day and taking part in lots of reading and book based activities. From visiting the new school library and making our own book marks, to making puppets of our favourite characters and acting out stories, everybody had a great day!