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At St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School we teach synthetic phonics in daily structured sessions lasting 20-25 minutes using Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics as well as Jolly Phonics. Children progress through the six phases of Letters and Sounds, starting with phase one in nursery and ending with Phase six in Year two.

Letters and Sounds provides us with games and resources to support our teaching of phonics. It aims to build pupils’ speaking and listening skills, as well as prepare pupils to learn to read, by developing their phonic knowledge and skills. It sets out a detailed programme for teaching phonic skills, with the aim of pupils becoming fluent readers by age seven.  Jolly Phonics actions, songs and rhymes are used to help the children learn the 44 phonemes (sounds). We use a multi-sensory approach, recognising that all children have different learning styles.

Children are given a baseline assessment on entry; they then follow a programme applicable to their needs, starting with recognising familiar sounds and being able to make familiar everyday sounds, moving onto recognising letter sounds before progressing towards using the Letters and Sounds scheme, working through the six phases at a pace which matches their level of development. Children who do not meet age related expectations receive additional phonics interventions through targeted small group support within school.

As a school, we have also previously been part of the Soundcheck programme, which gives specific targeted support to children from Years Two and Three who need specialist phonic tuition to close the gap. We now use the Active Literacy Kit within school to continue this targeted support where needed.


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