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Catch Up Funding

The Government has allocated each school a catch-up fund to support pupils following the lock down. Details of our allocation can be found below, along with details of our intended use and outcomes. The fund will be used to target specific groups over the year at specific times.


Catch-up Premium action plan 2020-21

Budget allocation for the full year - £32,720.00 - amount based upon 409 pupils

Autumn term allocation - £8,180.00




By whom


To purchase home learning packs for all pupils in FS2. Phonics cards, early reading and writing resources and maths resources. These resources are referred to in teaching sessions posted on tapestry.

All Parents have resources to use at home.

Packs contain specific resources for parents to use with their children when working with them at home when following the lessons provided by staff on tapestry. Thus having access to the appropriate resources to support learning.

Autumn term

EYFS team


After school small group tuition for target pupils in y2/y5 & y6 with a focus on specific gaps in learning. Sessions run in 4 week blocks for 40 mins x2 a week. Sessions are run by class teachers.

Targeted teaching to close identified gaps in learning. Short sharp focussed objectives will enable staff and pupils to address immediate needs in learning.

Autumn half term 2

X6 teachers


Home learning packs for y1. Specific resources to support English and Maths. Sentence building packs, number blocks packs, phonics flash cards and handwriting resources. Class sets will be purchased and sent out on a rotation.

Each group of children will be issued with the specific resources they need to access targeted home learning activities. The resources will be specific to the task set and enable full engagement.

Autumn half term 2

Y1 staff team



Alongside this resource there is an additional catch-up plan in place across school. Details of this can be found below.

Additional provision for the Autumn term

The additional provision of teachers across school is the result of a review of PPA provision and a redeployment of staff to meet specific needs. There is no additional cost to the school budget to provide this.

  • Additional teachers have been allocated to y6/5 and 4 each morning to provide for target pupils and teach small group English and maths each day of the autumn term. The children have full access to their year group curriculum but it is personalised to meet individual needs.
  • Y3 each afternoon has an additional teacher to run specific pre and post teaching sessions, to run speech and language sessions and targeted intervention sessions.
  • An additional teacher is in y2 twice a week to enable intervention in y2 to be led by a teacher. This provides x2 afternoons per week with a specific focus on reading, writing and number.
  • An additional teacher is in y1 three mornings a week to ensure smaller group teaching and learning sessions each morning, with a focus on phonics and number. 
  • Following a double bubble closure, two additional staff have been allocated to FS2 to increase the staff:pupil ratio. This has enabled school to increase the number of bubbles within the year group bubble and provide an additional outside learning area.

Curriculum offer

We are offering the full curriculum across school. Time allocations for subjects have been amended in different year groups according to identified needs, but no curriculum areas have been withdrawn. Mornings have been dedicated to English, Maths and RE. The afternoons to the wider curriculum.