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Faith in Action

What is Faith in Action?
The Faith in Action Award rewards young people's active service in helping to build the Kingdom of God on Earth. 
Many young people are doing so much to follow Jesus' example in serving others in their schools and parishes.  The Faith in Action Award builds on what young people already experience in serving others, asking them to reflect upon it so that they may find new ways of living out and exploring their faith. 
The Faith in Action Award encourages young people to take that service into their wider community and accept greater responsibility for their faith in action.
Who is the award for?
The Faith in Action Award is for young people aged 10-19. Young people undertake the award through their school, parish or organisation. 
How does it work?
There are four levels of award: Pin, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The children gain credits of service in their parish and / or school and the wider community. 
Our Year 6 children will work towards their pin level award.  They can continue with the scheme in high school and beyond as they strengthen their relationship with God and their community.
We meet regularly to discuss what we have done and plan future events and there is an opportunity for both guided reflections, through group reflection points and personal reflection, through the completion of their portfolio. 
At the end of the scheme, participants submit their finished portfolio of work for moderation by the Diocese, before being awarded their Faith in Action award.
In our journey so far, the children have expressed how much they enjoy taking part in the activities and have written some meaningful reflections.  They have a greater understanding of what being 'called to serve' means and how they can fulfill that calling.
Mrs Hughes
Faith in Action Co-ordinator

Faith in Action Team