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The Staff of St Augustine's Catholic Primary School 2019-20


Headteacher: Mrs O'Brien

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Joyce

Assistant Head: Mrs Hughes

SENCO & Inclusion: Mrs Williams


Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery): Mrs McMorland, Miss Gardiner, Mrs Chalk, Mrs Pawlak-Moskwa,Mrs Folan.                               

Foundation Stage 2 (Reception): Miss O'Toole, Miss Mosley, Mrs Murphy, Miss Fairhall, Ms Nkomo

Year 1: Miss Rosenfield, Mrs Shaw, Miss McLoughlin, Mrs Green, Mrs Daly.

Year 2: Mrs Bagnall, Mrs Evans, Mrs Kitson, Mrs Haywood, Mrs McCarthy, Mrs Janik-Browne, Mrs Pawlak-Moskwa. 

Year 3: Mrs Lowrence, Mrs Cowley, Miss Shaw,  Miss Griffin.

Year 4: Miss Gaughan, Miss Broderick, Mrs SheldrakeMiss Marks, Miss Krupa.  

Year 5: Mrs Butler, Miss Lyons, Mr Arscott, Mrs Relano. 

Year 6: Mr Gaffey, Mr Ormston, Miss FolanMrs Wallis.


PPA & Mangement release: Mrs Cohen,  Mrs McPartlan, Mrs Haywood, Mrs Moxon. 

Office staff: Mrs Hebbron and Mrs Enright

Learning Mentor: Mrs Surtees

EAL Teaching Assistant: Mrs Pawlak-Moskwa

HLTA: Miss Murphy

School Superintendent: Mrs Kilroy

Play leaders: Mrs Hollingworth, Mrs Mullins, Mrs Santos, Mrs Armstrong, Mrs Sheldrake, Mrs Tewelde, Mrs Vickers.

Cleaners: Mrs Armstrong, Mrs Hollingworth, Mrs Vickers, Mrs Nzuzi.