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School Improvement Plan

St Augustine’s Catholic

Primary School

‘I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will have the light of life’ John 8:12


School Improvement Plan




What the priority involves in a nutshell

– key objective



Priority 1


  • RE

    • Assessment & moderation
    • Year of Joseph
    • Faith in Action
    • M&E full range/all areas



  • Embedded system/secure judgements
  • Evidence gathering/celebration
  • Relaunched/group enrolled/action taken/pins awarded
  • outstanding provision maintained


Priority 2

Quality of Education Curriculum offer - catch up 


  • Curriculum offer - catch up   
  • RHE
  • Talk for writing - re-launch y2  
  • Maths - y5-8 transition and FS/y1 transition (WRHub)
  • Computing curriculum development
  • Achievement for All y2
  • EYFS - familiarisation with new curriculum expectations and development of our offer
  • Phonics - familiarisation with new curriculum expectations and development of our offer
  • SEN provision - CPD all staff


  • Progression, assessment and tracking demonstrate we are back on track
  • To review y1 
  • embedded systems/established whole school approach
  • Smooth transition/CPD for staff/MAT project
  • curriculum in place and taught
  • Increased resilience and positive mindset  
  • New curriculum offer  


  • establish our school offer/whole school policy  
  • Targeted provision, updated records/passports


Priority 3

Behaviour and attitudes

  • Attendance – EYFS
  • PA across school - full review of systems


  • FS attendance to rapidly improve
  • PA reduced

Focused Priority 4

Personal Development 

  • Increased opportunities to develop interests and talents
  • Character education – values and virtues


  • Curriculum offer beyond the academic  
  • Established approach to T&L of virtues



Priority 5

Leadership and Management

  • Further development of 3Is - progression documents for all subjects used as planning/teaching and assessment tool
  • Subject leadership – curriculum review, full M&E 
  • Parental engagement in learning - building upon remote learning experiences 
  • ADMISSIONS - to review systems and numbers


  • comprehensive curriculum documents - website, planning files, policies 


  • comprehensive overview of each subject
  • workshops, home learning packs, increased engagement, hearing children read, submitting work
  • All year groups are full / publicity improved / Catholic numbers increase