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School Improvement Plan






What the priority involves in a nutshell

– key objective



Priority 1


  • Pupil led worship - new guidance
  • Accompaniment/Chaplaincy - walking together


  • New guidance followed and embedded across school
  • Staff and children understand what this means for our school and our spiritual offer reflects this.


Priority 2

Quality of Education  

  • Redraft LTPs/POS to fine tune our offer & 3Is 
    • Further develop subject ambassadors and pupil voice
    • Improve writing outcomes through a sentence level and SPaG focus
    • Improved fluency and arithmetic
    • Review the M&F policy with an emphasis on feedback and most effective strategies
    • Refine further our SEND offer


    • Our curriculum refinement further ensures learning opportunities are maximised and time efficiency is improved 
    • Increased opportunities for our children to influence and frame their curriculum 
    • Embedded a weekly approach to the T&L of these aspects ensure writing continues to improve across school and the gap on reading is further reduced.
    • established systems for delivery and tracking
    • Improved outcomes as a result of greater clarity on next steps in learning and workload reduced
    • Further CPD increases K&U of staff and enables our ambitions for all our SEND children to be realised.


    Priority 3

    Behaviour and attitudes


    • PA across school reduces


    • Target year groups and individual pupils attend regularly and achieve better outcomes as a result

    Focused Priority 4

    Personal Development 

    • Continue to develop character education through a range of resources and tools 
    • Extend further our extra-curricular offer
    • Review our Nurture offer and enhance and embed across school


    •  Embedded use of CJs/displays/Lion Witch Wardrobe enable key character traits to be developed
    • Increased ARTs provision, including music, art and drama
    • Children have greater access to support and improved wellbeing as a result.



    Priority 5

    Leadership and Management

    • Develop and embed our Mental Health and well being policy
    • Subject leadership is further developed and expectations for pupils continues to improve
    • Further develop Governor K/U and skill


    • Develop further a language rich outdoor provision
    • Assessment system developed to fully track progress
    • The MH and wellbeing  of pupils and staff is at least good.
    • M&E tasks ensure that the children benefit still further from a curriculum that is delivered as effectively as possible
    • Governors better equipped to carry out their vital roles 



    • Increased vocabulary, improved language for speaking, reading and writing
    • Progress measures built into IT tools for efficient working