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School Improvement Plan

St Augustine’s Catholic

Primary School

‘I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will have the light of life’ John 8:12


School Improvement Plan




What the priority involves in a nutshell – key objective



Priority 1


·         Character education – values and virtues



·         To develop stakeholder K&U of virtues

·         Recognised in self and others

·         Established approach to T&L of virtues

·         Establishing good character in stakeholders


Priority 2

Quality of Education

·         Curriculum structure, organization and assessment

·         Talk for writing

·         Mastery maths

·         Computing curriculum development

·         Data outcomes - EYFS / KS1/KS2


·         Detailed knowledge and skills across the 

·         Used to inform T&L – develops K&U

·         Increased fluency, reasoning and problem

·         Training and resources in place to deliver NC

·         Increased GLD, close gap on national at KS1
          & ks2 writing


Priority 3

Behaviour and attitudes

·         Attendance - EYFS

·         Nurture provision – retreat approach established
         across school



·         FS attendance to rapidly improve

·         Respite, resilience, time built into nurture in
          each classroom and in additional provision,
          improved SEMH of the children

Focused Priority 4

Personal Development 

·         Character education – Narnian virtues (UKS2)


·         Increased opportunities to develop interests and


·         Established approach through literature to
          identify virtues and apply them to own lives.

·         Talent shows, art gallery, performance, sport
         – opportunities to celebrate individual



Priority 5

Leadership and Management

·         High quality inclusive education

·         Curriculum content

·         Subject leadership – to develop as core subjects

·         FS1 provision


·         FS2 provision and admissions



·         Improved outcomes for SEN pupils

·         Mapped skill development, breadth of learning

·         SL files are OFSTED ready, SL are ready for

·         Improved purposeful play, improved
          improved numbers on roll.

·         Increased admission numbers, raised GLD