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Our system of assessment works on the following principles:

  • Learning Objectives taken from the National Curriculum Programmes of Study are taught by class teachers throughout the year.
  • The children are assessed against Key Performance Indicators within the relevant age related expectations.
  • Class teachers use high quality formative assessment to monitor the day to day achievements of the children. These are recorded on subject specific trackers.
  • Pupils receive targets based on gaps identified in the teacher’s day-to-day assessment and monitoring.
  • At the end of every term, the progress trackers inform the teacher of a “Best-Fit” summative judgement, showing where the child is in relation to their end of year expectations.
  • Some standardised reading, writing and maths assessments are used to support the summative judgements made by class teachers. This information also helps to inform the teacher’s overall assessment of the child’s attainment.
  • This information is passed on to parents at parent consultation evenings and through a written report at the end of the year.


Statutory Assessments at the end of each key stage

  • At the end of FS2 the children are assessed against 7 areas of learning, 3 Prime and 4 Specific. Each child is awarded a total point’s score. The points total determines whether each child is judged to have achieved ‘A Good Level of Development’.
  • Phonics screening for year 1 pupils continues to be used.
  • Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) are administered at the end of KS1 and KS2.
  • The results of these statutory assessments are reported to parents.
  • These results provide the school with data comparisons against Local and National Expectations and helps to inform our self- evaluation and school improvement planning.