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Catholic Virtues



The word ‘virtue’ is not in common use in education or society at large, but it is common to hear parents, teachers and children talk about praiseworthy or admirable traits of character, being loving, respectful, honest, thankful, brave, fair, compassionate, forgiving and so on. Character is a set of personal traits, strengths or dispositions that motivate us and guide our conduct.

Character education is at the heart of our mission. It describes all the explicit and implicit educational activities that we provide our children to help them to develop positive personal strengths called virtues.

The word Virtue comes from the Greek Arete meaning any kind of Excellence. Something praiseworthy, something to be prized and encouraged.


A virtue is an admirable or praiseworthy character trait.

It is something you do, not just once, but over and over until it becomes who you are.