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Catholic Virtues


A virtue is an admirable or praiseworthy character trait.

It is something you do, not just once, but over and over until it becomes who you are.



Gratitude and Generosity Award.

Autumn 1 Awards were given to:


FS2R - Jonathan FS2G - Kate FS2B - Carlos


1CR - Joel

2HB - Maddison

3TL - Hollie

4NG - Betty

5CL - Denver

6RG - Anashe

1EM - Shay

2RE/BK - Denzell

3EC - Hilary

4CB - Kayden

5JB - Yordanos

6MO - Jesse

Being Grateful for your own gifts, for the gift of other people, and for the blessings of each day;

and Generous with your gifts, now and in the future, especially when using those gifts to help others.



Attentive and Discerning Award.

Autumn 2 Awards were given to: 

FS2R - Cailen FS2G - Joshua FS2B - Adam


1CR - Oscar

2HB - Ava

3TL - Hollie

4NG - Julia

5CL - Zuzia

6RG - Jayden

1EM - Livvy

2RE/BK - Sophia

3EC - Beverly

4CB - Christina

5JB - Morgane

6MO - Hera

Being attentive to what they see, hear and to their vocation;

Being discerning about the choices they make and the effect of those choices on themselves and others.


Faith-Filled and Hopeful Award.

Spring 1 Awards were given to:


FS2R - Cara FS2G - Talandira FS2B - Aya-Sofya


1CR - Nikitha

2HB - Laiba

3TL - Valerie

4NG - Koco-Jo

5CL - Jayson

6RG - Erin

1EM -Mikayla

2RE/BK - Deborah

3EC - Chloe

4CB - Lucas

5JB - Julian

6MO - Emma


Being faith-filled in your beliefs, your family your friends and especially yourself. 

Being hopeful for the future and for those around us. 

With strong faith our hope grows stronger.




Compassionate and Loving Award.

Spring 2 Awards were given to:


FS2R - Liam FS2G - Mufaro FS2B - Hans


1CR - David

2HB - Laiba

3TL - Fedora

4NG - Scarlett

5CL - Jakub

6RG - Mia

1EM -Sachi

2RE/BK - Aleeza

3EC - Jaeden

4CB - Veronica

5JB - Halle

6MO - Maria


Being compassionate towards others, near and far, especially those less fortunate.


Being loving by their just actions and forgiving words.