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Welcome to our virtual open day

Please find below four short videos which will take you around our school. 

Take a tour of FS1 / Nursery

Take a tour of the main school years 1-6

Take a tour of FS2 / Reception

See the school come to life with photographs of children at work and play

We hope that you have enjoyed your tour of school.

You have now missed our open day, however if you would like to visit school please contact the school to make an appointment.

 Tel: 01132 930 350


Information about the application process can be found below.

Please follow the blue links below to read more and complete and submit your application forms.

FS1 - Nursery applications


Applications to start Nursery in January are being taken now.

The deadline is 26th November 2021.

Offer day is 3rd December 2021.

Start date is week commencing 10th January 2022.


FS2 - Reception applications


Applications to start in reception class in September 2022 are being taken now.

The deadline for applications is Saturday 15th January 2022.

Please see the information below from Leeds City Council about the Admission Scheme.

Please ensure that you complete both the Common Preference Form for the Local Authority as well as the Supplementary Information Form for school by the deadline of 14th January 2022.

 Applying to start at school


Please look at the check list below, then follow the link to go to the Leeds City Council web page -

1. Make sure you use the right address 

2. Check if you live in a school's catchment area

3. Find 5 schools to apply for

4. Check what chance your child has of getting a place 

5. Check how your child will travel to the school 

6. Attend school open days / evenings


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