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Mission Statement

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This is the most important document in our school and underlines everything we strive to achieve.

I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will have the light of life’  John 8:12

The Purpose of our school is to educate each child to develop and achieve their potential within a caring, Catholic community, governed by Gospel values.

I Have Resilience Virtues Winners – 6th May 2022    FS2R - Selihom     FS2B - Brad     1EM - Terri-Ann     1AM - Benedek     2RE/BK - Anne     2HB - Nahom     3JB - Seth     3TL - Asbah     4CB - Eddie     4NG - Jorgia-Lyn     5CL - Beverly     5EC - Theo     6RG/SH - Dllal      6MO - Leon