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Art & Design

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At St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School we value art because:

Art and design contributes to the development of the whole child emotionally, aesthetically, spiritually, intellectually and socially. It creates in the child a sense of enjoyment, a sense of purpose and creativity.

It provides pupils with a unique way of perceiving themselves and the world, which is not taught in other areas of the curriculum and which is essential to basic education. 



Art at St Augustine’s.

By the time the children leave St Augustine’s they will have learnt a range of skills, worked with a range of different materials and learnt about a range of different artists. Art is something we consider to be cross-curricular and we try to incorporate art within as many different subjects as we can!

We believe art is something to be celebrated and we are proud to display the fabulous artwork our children produce. We also enter art competitions, both citywide and within school, so far partaking in a Christmas themed competition and the Year of the Word art competition.

In the words of Picasso, “Every child is an artist!”.

Please take a look at some of the brilliant things our children have produced!