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Faith in Action Events

Stations of the Cross

Year 3 visited St. Augustine’s Church on Wednesday 20th March.

We prayed for the children who will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time later this week .All the children had time to examine their consciences through prayer and quiet reflection.

Year 6 Faith in Action group guided the children through the Stations of the Cross. Each station was revealed, followed by contemplation and prayers.

The occasion was an important part of the children’s Lenten journey. 


Community Litter Picking

The Faith in Action group demonstrated their enthusiasm to serve others as they took part in litter picking around St Wilfrid's Circus to make the environment more pleasant and safe for the local residents and those coming to our school.

The children were delighted to receive such an appreciative response from local residents as they applauded whilst driving by and a group of ladies who stopped us to bless them for what they were doing.


Mount Calvary Pilgrimage, Myddelton Woods, Ilkley - Stations of the Cross

 The Faith in Action group enjoyed a reflective and meaningful experience taking part in the Stations of the Cross led by Fr Michael.  

The Faith in Action group will be leading Stations of the Cross during the Lenten period, both in Church and in School.