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Berkeley Court

5CL spent an afternoon at Berkeley Court nursing home. Some children helped with making a variety of the crafts from their Advent workshop. Others sang a selection of Christmas carols. The whole afternoon was enjoyed by everyone.









The children used multi link to explore square and cubed numbers. The models really helped them to understand how they work and why they are called squared and cubed.









Advent Workshop

Year 5 held an Advent workshop for the children and their parents last week. 

It was well attended and enjoyed by all, as well as helping us on our journey of preparation towards Christmas.








Conscience Alley

In English we have been reading Oliver. In the story Nancy needed to make a decision about whether or not to help Oliver. We created a conscience alley with arguments for and against to help her decide.










Victorian Miniatures

Year 5 have been studying the Victorians in class. They have learnt all about Queen Victoria and have made beautiful miniatures for her. They also wrote a letter trying to persuade her that theirs was the best and the one she should buy.








Parachutes - Air Resistance

In science the children have been learning all about forces and types or resistance. They were challenged to design their own parachutes and found out how different size parachutes fell at different speeds.









Roman Numerals

In maths we used lollipop sticks to help us learn Roman numerals.