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During Autumn term in year 2, we enjoyed learning lots of new things to begin our year. 

In maths we were using bundles, counters and base 10 to help us partition 2 digit numbers, they also helped us to add and subtract tens and ones. In R.E we began to read some important Bible stories to build up our knowledge, and discuss the idea of the Holy trinity, getting to create our own model to represent it. We also had the chance to look at the festival of Diwali when researching the faith of Hinduism. We got the opportunity to create rangoli patterns and Diwa lamps.  During our History topic of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole, we visited the Thackray medical museum and got to build up our knowledge and get to be porters and nurses for the afternoon helping Florence Nightingale keep the soldiers healthy and clean!


During spring term, in year 2 so far, we have taken part in a range of activities. We have used a variety of equipment to help us with our maths topics including, multiplication and division and shape. We have also shown our talents while taking part in role play during our R.E lessons, showing we have an understanding of why certain figures in the Bible acted they way they did and how they felt.