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Autumn 2 Week 1
This week we have had a blast, Paddington made an unexpected visit to our classroom and left it very messy. Mrs O'Brien then spotted him on the cameras playing and having a cup of tea! In maths we have started our work on addition and looking at the part part whole model. Then in RE we talked about the Mary visiting Elizabeth and how we think they both may have felt receiving the good news. Finally we finished the week off making stable bridges so that Paddington could cross the river Thames.

Autumn 2 Week 2 
Another busy week in 1MW The children have thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as Paddington for question time and have written some fabulous questions.  In maths this week we focused on number bonds and the children have blown me away with the enthusiasm they showed completing the tasks.  Writing number sentences on the table was a particularly exciting lesson for them! In RE we remembered those who had served and wrote prayers of hope and in PSHE for anti bullying week we talked about what made a good friend.  Finally we finished the week looking at sources from Queen Elizabeth II life and asking questions about things we wanted to know.  The children came up with an abundance of questions and really enjoyed looking at the different pictures and videos. 

World Book Day

We had a fabulous day in 1MW for World Book Day, we shared our favourite stories, had a quiz and read with lots of different teachers in year 1 and FS2.  In the afternoon we even found time to do some writing about our favourite books and had a lovely reading buddy session with 4LL who proved themselves not only to be excellent readers but fantastic listeners too.