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W/C 15/04/24

Welcome back after the Easter Holidays!!! We hope you had a good break.

We have begun to learn the story of the 'Little Red Hen' and created our own story map. The children have also begun to create their own 'Little Red Hens' by colour mixing red, blue and yellow powder paint which together make brown. They painted their hand, using their handprint to create the body of the hen. Once these are dry we will finish them. Two new words from the story are 'grain' and 'wheat' - we have discussed this and looked at pictures. The children were unsure when we said wheat was in bread.....

In RE we have begun to talk about that at Easter we celebrate because Jesus rose from the dead. To remind us of this the children have learnt a dance. We also created candles and drew flowers as signs of new life!

In phonics we have introduced 'h'- hand, hair, hamster, hammer.

We have also talked about how to keep safe when out and about and when inside. The children had a good understanding of what is 'dangerous' and 'safe'- well done everyone!

The children had an outdoor learning session in the bungalow garden. We talked about how to keep safe whilst here and explored looking at some of the vegetables that had been planted. As we looked round we saw some insects and the children thought that it would be good to make a house for them. The children found a 'hide' - somewhere they can look at the birds from and a water investigation area! Sounds like our outdoor learning sessions will be very busy!

At the end of our busy week the children thought that 'relaxing' was a good idea. We had a go at meditation and pampering with cucumber slices on our eyes and a little quiet time with music.

W/C 29/4/24

The children have had such a busy week!!

The children have had the opportunity to have a look round a fire engine, try on helmets, use the hose and hear the siren. This prompted some fantastic discussions about what children recalled from their own experiences of seeing/ hearing fire engines and the very important role of a fire person. I think this has sparked some career ambitions! We had linked this to our learning of our awareness and understanding or how we can keep ourselves safe and what to do in an emergency.

The children have had a Balance Bike session. It was great to see the children's confidence, perseverance, resilience and determination with the challenge- great positive attitude to learning!

We have linked the awareness of keeping safe and using bikes to develop our understanding of how to look after ourselves and our bodies. We have extended this by discussing and tasting different types of food and focussing on the descriptive language of 'crunchy' 'squishy' 'juicy'.

In Phonics we continue to recap on our sounds and have introduced 'f'- fish, fan, finger.

In R.E.  the children have learnt about the Ascension of Jesus and in the garden, reflected about what this means.

In Maths we are continuing to number concepts and using different manipulatives to represent quantity.

W/C 13/5/2024

This week the children have continued their learning around 'Jasper's beanstalk' and planted their own beans- I wonder how tall they will grow????

We have been learning how the bean develops into a plant. We read 'Grow it' and know that we need to care for our bean and seedling as it grows. We need to remember to water it, but not too much and make sure it has plenty of sunlight. We watched a video about this and discovered that the roots grow first and then a shoot. To help the children remember they pretended to be a seed/ bean; their legs went down to represent the roots and their arms went up, to represent the shoot. We also learnt a song too!

When the children planted their bean they also looked at other seeds, some were really small and the children were amazed at what they grew into! This was a great opportunity to develop our maths knowledge and skills linked to size, weight and subitizing!

In RE the children continued their learning about Mary and found out that many people honour Mary with flowers. The children made their own and put them on our altar.

In Phonics we are learning about 'j' - jelly, jam, jet.