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Online Safety - Kik Messenger

Sometimes it's difficult to keep up with all the new messenging apps available.

As a parent, it can seem that just as you're catching up with the joys of Whatsapp or Snapchat, your children are on to the next big thing in digital communication.

Kik Messenger has become increasingly popular among young people since it was developed by a group of university students in 2009, with estimates that it is now being used by around 279million users worldwide [1]. 

There have, however, been reports of the sharing of unsolicited suggestive or sexualised images via the app. In response to concerns, CEOP has produced a guide for parents, explaining what it is and how best to keep your children safe if they use it.

Click below to view, print or download the full guide.


Kik Messenger Parents' Guide.pdf