W/C 22nd April 2019                                                        Issue 21   

Welcome back after the Easter holidays. We hope you all had a wonderful break. The weather was really kind to us but can we ask all parents to keep in mind how changeable the weather can be, one minute we are in tee shirts and the next we have jumpers on. Even if it appears to be a warm sunny day can we ask that you still send coats with your child at the moment as these can be left in the cloakroom if the weather is warm enough when lunch time arrives.


Please make sure you have the school App installed on your phones/iPads etc as after the  May half term we are hoping to be able to do our little bit for the environment by going paperless with the newsletters. These will be put on the website and the App for you to look at so if there is anything you need to know please look on the website or App. The school dinner menu will also be on the

website for you as will any information you need to know. The holidays and training days are also on there. Can we remind parents that we need up to date contact numbers so we are able to send text messages and also let you know if your child is ill. Please let us know as soon as you change your telephone number. 


Our monthly ‘Stall in the Hall’ will be open again this Friday from 2.30pm onwards where you will be able to find new and nearly new items you might be in need of.

We have had donations of clothing and household goods that will be there for you to take and if you are able to make a small donation here will be a box available for that. If you have any new or nearly new items for the stalls please send them in to school by Thursday afternoon.  Something you no longer need may be exactly what someone else has been looking for.


Please remember that we are now preparing for Pentecost when the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples. Pentecost is celebrated on the 7th Sunday after Easter which this year will be 9th June.

Mrs. S. O'Brien