W/C 15th October 2017                                                        Issue 4   


Parents Evenings for children in FS2 to Year 6 will take place on Tuesday 6th November from 3.30 – 6.15pm and on Wednesday 7th November from 4.45 -7.30.

The appointment booking system will be open for you to log in and book an appointment from Monday 22nd October. You can access this through the St. Augustine’s website or by going to the website https://staugustinesleeds.parentseveningsystem.co.uk. The appointments are for 10 minutes, if you think you will need a longer appointment please speak to the teacher as we are unable to see you for a longer period on the nights.

If you do not have access to the internet and are unable to book an appointment please call at the office to do so.

It really is important for everyone to attend parents’ evenings as it is a chance to see how your child is settling in to the new class and new routines. You will be able to see your child’s progress so far.

We would like to say a really big thank you to the parents and children who braved the terrible weather and attended the welcome mass for FS2 children in church last Sunday. It was a beautiful service and the children did really well. Thank you also to the staff for making it a very special day.


ALL children MUST be taken to their classroom door every morning. Please wait with your child until the doors are open and your child has gone in to school. You are responsible for your child until they actually get inside school which is when they become our responsibility.

Can we also remind you that if you are sending someone new to collect your child after school please make sure you inform us. We will not be able to send your child home with someone we do not know if you have not informed us.


School closes at the end of the day on Friday 26th October and re-opens on Monday 5th November. Can we remind parents that school is not allowed by law to authorise leave during term time unless it is for very exceptional circumstances. If leave is applied for we have to notify Education Leeds who will possibly authorise a Fixed Penalty Notice. At the moment the fine is £60 per parent per child. 2 children going on holiday with both parents would be an initial fine of £240.

Please note that the bell goes every morning at 8.40am when the doors are open for the children. The doors are locked at 8.45am when the second bell sounds. Children arriving after this must enter through the front door where they will be entered in the ‘Late Book’.

S. O'Brien