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Packed lunch guidance

 Healthy Eating workshop - Designed to help encourage children to a variety of healthy food



Packed lunch guidance

(Packed Lunch Guidance - Polish)


Green Foods

You can put these in your lunch box every day or as often as you like

  • 1 portion of fruit and 1 portion of vegetables. This could include fresh, tinned or dried.
  • 1 type of starchy food such as bread, pasta, bagels, pitta, wraps.
  • Meat or other type of non-dairy protein such as , lentils, kidney beans, chickpea, eggs, houmous
  • Dairy foods such as milk, yoghurt, cheese
  • Only water

Amber Foods

These types of foods could be included occasionally as part of a balanced packed lunch.

  • High salt or fat snacks such as crisps, crackers, bread sticks
  • Cereal bars – these can sometimes be high in fat and sugars.
  • Flap jacks or fig rolls
  • Processed meat products such as chicken nuggets, sausage rolls, pasties, pepperoni and sausages   

Red Foods

These foods should not be included in a healthy packed lunch box.


  • Sweets and bags of sweets
  • Processed fruit such as ‘Winders’

 – these are high in sugar

  • Chocolate and chocolate bars
  • Sugary drinks such as squash, Ribena, fizzy drinks and energy drinks – these are high in sugar and can rot your teeth

     Please DO NOT INCLUDE any nuts or nut based foods. 
We are a nut free school.

Please cut up all grapes, tomatoes and  blueberries into half lengthways, due to the size and possible choking hazard.


The Aim of our Packed Lunch Guidance is …

To encourage all children to eat healthy foods and make good food choices for life. We strive to be a healthy School and we think that all our children deserve to enjoy a healthy lunch. The School Food Ambassadors have put together this guidance to hopefully encourage the packed lunches to be as healthy as our school dinners, which comply with the school food standards.


At St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School we aim to support this guidance by…

  • We will ensure that free, fresh drinking water is available at all times.
  • We will reward pupils who bring healthy packed lunches with praise and a photo on the School Food Ambassador display board.
  • We will ensure that we listen to everyone’s views and cater for all needs.
  • We will provide food ideas and practical advice for healthy affordable packed lunches.                            


Why do we have a packed lunch policy?

We feel that eating healthy foods is important to help us stay fit and well, feel energised and able to learn.


This guidance has been developed after discussion with staff, pupils and the School Food Ambassadors. A healthier packed lunch focuses on the four main food groups of the Eatwell plate. The foods in the smallest section are to be discouraged from being eaten in school.


Packed Lunch Guidance

We would like to have our parent’s thoughts on our packed lunch guidance. Therefore we would like to give you the opportunity to fill out our questionnaire and comment accordingly.