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Packed lunch guidance


Healthy Eating workshop - Designed to help encourage children to a variety

of healthy food and have a balanced diet


Dear Parents,

St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School follows the government’s guidelines on healthy eating and this applies to packed lunches.


How you can support the new standards.

The food children eats plays a vital role in their growth, development, behaviour and energy levels – which is why we are making all food in school healthier and more nutritious. We would like parents/carers to support us in promoting healthy eating by choosing one item from each column:-



 Piece of fruit


 One biscuit


 Wrap/Pitta bread


 Raw vegetables/salad

Small portion of cheese e.g. Babybel


 Low sugar cordial

Pasta salad


Dried fruit e.g. raisins

Low sugar desserts. e.g. jelly, custard, rice pudding

Flap jack

Pure fruit juice

 Rice dish

Bag of mixed fruit


Small piece of cake or bun


 Potato salad 





 We would encourage parents not to send any of the following items:- 

Fizzy drinks, sweets, cold takeaway meals

 An example of a healthy packed lunch:-


 Pasta salad


 Raw vegetables


 A carton of orange juice