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PE Policy


At St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School we aim to develop positive attitudes towards physical activity and promote healthy lifestyles through a balanced programme of dance, games, gymnastics, athletics, swimming and outdoor adventurous activities – and ensure safe practice through promoting high standards of behaviour during indoor and outdoor physical education sessions.


Purposes and Aims

The aims are:

  • To ensure that all children will be physically active and find enjoyment and fulfilment in physical activity

  • That all children will find a lasting sense of purpose, achievement and fulfilment in physical activity

  • To develop children’s self-esteem and confidence

  • To teach children various skills e.g. motor skills, hand and eye co-ordination, and strategies and tactics in individual and team sports

  • To develop children’s balance, poise and control – and emotional response – to music in dance

  • To develop a range of swimming strokes and greater confidence in the water

  • To develop positive attitudes to physical endeavour including perseverance, fair play and sportsmanship

  • To develop children’s ability to cope with failure and promote a fair response to winning and losing

  • To teach children about personal safety in relation to their bodies/clothing and dangers in using equipment inappropriately

  • To develop children’s knowledge and understanding of the human body and its capabilities



    We believe that all children, irrespective of physical ability, race, gender or creed have the right to reach their full potential in PE and achieve enjoyment, satisfaction and success at their own level.

     To implement this each unit is planned so that there is progression in developing individual skills and tactical knowledge. Differentiation within each lesson, allows each child to develop the required skills at an appropriate level to their ability.



     Each class receives two one-hour lessons per week.

    Indoor PE is strictly timetabled due to the limited hall availability.

    Key Stage 1/2 playgrounds and the school field are used for outdoor lessons – depending on the time of year.

    Year 3 start their swimming lessons in Term 4 and continue until Term 3 of the following year (i.e. when they are in Year 4).



     PE is taught by individual class teachers (with a TA) – who can, depending on the area of learning, be assisted by an outside coach. The lessons are taught in whole classes with various parts of the lesson focussing on individual, paired or group activities.



     Formative assessment is used to determine what each child has learned and how to progress and develop their level of skill and attainment in specific areas.

    Assessment can take the form of: practical observations by the teacher; small group discussions related to the task; specific tasks/assignments for pupils; observations by the PE Co-ordinator alongside the class teacher; and individual teacher assessment of a lesson.

    Reports on a child’s progress are written at the end of the year and passed onto parents.


    Health and Safety

     Accidents: – If an accident occurs during a lesson the teacher will ask the rest of the class to sit quietly whilst they attend to the injured child. If the accident is serious, then two sensible children (or TA) will be asked to call for assistance from the school office or nearby classroom, whereby an adult trained in First Aid can attend to the casualty.

    Children with asthma need to ensure they have their inhaler prior to the lesson, or have their inhaler with them (give to the teacher) during the lesson.

    Any damage to PE equipment needs to be reported to the PE Co-ordinator who is responsible for the upkeep of the equipment.


    Dress Code

     Indoor PE:

    Black pumps or bare feet (no socks)

    Black shorts

    White t-shirt

    No jewellery

    Hair tied back (no plastic headbands)



    Outdoor PE:

    Tracksuit (or indoor P.E. kit if warm)


    No shoes

    No coats

    No jewellery

    Hair tied back (no plastic headbands)


    All PE kit/uniform needs to be named prior to the lesson.

    Jewellery is not allowed at St Augustine’s CP School.


    Healthy Eating 

    St Augustine’s promotes a healthy eating lifestyle to its children and staff.

    For children who have school dinners, there are three healthy options to choose from each day – including a vegetarian option. The dinners are nutritious and well balanced, and offer the children a wide variety of meal choices based on a 3-week cycle.

    Parents whose children bring a packed lunch to school, are encouraged to also give their child a healthy, nutritious and well-balanced lunch – that includes a fresh piece of fruit and water to drink. No pop or sweets are allowed at St Augustine’s.



    After School Clubs 

    Dedicated staff at St Augustine’s put on a wide variety of school sport clubs that children from different year groups can participate in.

    In 2013-14, the clubs available to children include:

    Football – Competing in Leeds Schools FA Leagues + Cups

    (U11/U10/U9 Boys and U11 Girls)

    Rugby – Competing in Leeds Schools RL Cups/Rallies

    (U11/U10 Boys and Girls)

    Netball – Competing in Leeds League

    (U11 Boys and Girls)

    Cross Country – Competing in Leeds Cross Country League (5 meets per year) (U11 Boys and Girls)

    KS1 and KS2 Tennis – Competing in Leeds Schools Tournaments

    Irish dancing

    KS1 - Dance




  • Participation in local sports leagues –                                                  Football (U11/10/U9 Boys and Girls); Rugby (U11); Cross Country (U11 Boys and Girls); Netball (U11 Boys and Girls)

  • Participation in inter-school competitions organised by SSP –                                         Indoor Athletics; Basketball; Rugby; Cricket; Football; Netball; Wake Up – Shake Up; Dodge-ball

  • Visits from professional sports coaches, players and dancers –           Gaelic football; Leeds Rhinos; Leeds United Football coaches; Dance coaches; Skipping coaches

  • Visits to outdoor adventure education centres –                                             Robinwood (Year 5)                                                                                            

  • Links with local high schools, universities, sports clubs –                      Leeds United F.C.; Leeds Rhinos; Cardinal Heenan H.S.; Mount St Mary’s H.S.; Horsforth H.S.; St Mary’s Menston H.S.; Thomas Danby College


    Staff Training

    Staff will undertake P.E. CPD through a professional body being employed in school throughout the year. Professional coaches will construct and lead lessons in an areas deemed as ‘in need of development’ by the teacher. The staff member will then take the knowledge gained from the coach to develop their own P.E. skills.

    Staff will be encouraged to attend courses and review resources. The PE Co-ordinator will have access to specific training to support and develop their role.

    Trainee teachers will be given the opportunity to work alongside the class teacher and given support by the PE Co-ordinator, who will model lessons and provide support where necessary