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Pupil Premium Action Plan

Part A: Pupil premium strategy plan

Statement of intent

I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will have the light of life’  John 8:12

The Purpose of our school is to educate each child to develop and achieve their potential within a caring, Catholic community, governed by Gospel values.

Our ultimate objective is to ensure equality of opportunity for all of our children. To enable each child to know that they have a unique contribution to make to our school and the wider community and that despite barriers and challenges, they can achieve their goals and succeed in life. 

This plan identifies key priorities for action this year, it will provide vital support and intervention to combat particular barriers and ensure greater equality for all. The key principles that underpin this plan are:

  • respect for human dignity

  • open and honest communication

  • pursuit of excellence

  • self-belief, self-confidence and self-esteem


This details the key challenges to achievement that we have identified among our disadvantaged pupils.

Challenge number

Detail of challenge 


Lost learning due to lock down


Limited communication, oral language skills and a limited range of vocabulary 


Limited first hand experiences


SEN needs: - High needs across all year groups particularly for speech and language


Access to good quality resources for families to support home learning effectively 


Limited resilience and self-regulation amongst groups of pupils


Intended outcomes 

This explains the outcomes we are aiming for by the end of our current strategy plan, and how we will measure whether they have been achieved.

Intended outcome

Success criteria

To diminish the gap for all children, on peers and against ARE

Accelerated progress, personalised learning plans, increased engagement, improved outcomes

Equal access to opportunities of enhancement and resources

Participation in activities, improved attendance, improved range of first hand experiences, resources to learn at home

Improved language acquisition

Specific Speech and language needs addressed resulting in improved communication and engagement. Improved vocabulary and improved outcomes in reading and writing.

Improved self-regulation and increased ability to independently learn

Independent learning, resilience and determination


Activity in this academic year

This details how we intend to spend our pupil premium (and recovery premium funding) this academic year to address the challenges listed above.


Teaching (for example, CPD, recruitment and retention)

Budgeted cost: £129,787


Evidence that supports this approach

Challenge number(s) addressed

Increased teaching provision y4/5/6

Increased teacher pupil ratio enabling a greater opportunity and frequency for reading comprehension (EEF) and improved feedback (EEF) (A4A)

1 / 2 / 5

Participation in the achievement for all program – CPD for teaching and support staff

A focus on metacognition and self-regulation which helps pupils think about their own learning more explicitly, teaching them specific strategies to plan, monitor and evaluate their own learning. (EEF) (A4A)

1 / 6

Participation in the WYMH mastering number programme and transition programme

Mastery learning breaks subject matter and learning content into units that are pursued until they are achieved.(EEF)


Targeted academic support (for example, tutoring, one-to-one support structured interventions) 

Budgeted cost: £58,891


Evidence that supports this approach

Challenge number(s) addressed

Intervention groups

Small groups, increased participation and mastery approach (EEF)

1 / 2 / 4 / 6

Speech and language provision

Oral language interventions emphasise the importance of spoken language and verbal interaction. It enables explicit discussion of content or processes of learning, or both. (EFF)

2 / 4

1:1 Tutoring 

This offers intensive individual support (EEF)

1 / 2 /6

Booster groups

Collaborative learning involves pupils working together in small groups to ensure full participation of all. (EEF)

1 / 2 /6

Resource packs for home learning

Increased parental engagement (EEF)



Wider strategies (for example, related to attendance, behaviour, wellbeing)

Budgeted cost: £9000


Evidence that supports this approach

Challenge number(s) addressed

Enhancement opportunities – trips/visits/visitors 

Sports participation / Social and emotional learning / Outdoor adventure learning (EEF) – all of these have a positive impact on self-confidence, self-efficacy and motivation.

1 / 3

Supported childcare places before and after school

Social and emotional learning opportunities (EEF) this improves pupil interaction and self-management of emotions.

1 / 2 / 6

Total budgeted cost: £197,678