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Parent Governor




Dear Parent

I am writing to inform you that parent governors are required to fill two parent governor places on the governing body of the school.  As a parent of a child at the school you are entitled to stand as a candidate and vote in any election. A nomination slip is attached. If you wish to offer yourself as a candidate to become a parent governor you should complete the slip and return it to the headteacher by 19.3.21

Please note that you are not eligible to be a parent governor if you work at the school for more than 500 hours per year. You are also not eligible to be governor if you fulfil any of the disqualification criteria listed on the eligibility form enclosed.

If the required number of nominations are received then those persons will be automatically declared as parent governors. If there are more nominations than places then a ballot of all parents will be held to select the parent governors. For this purpose nominees are invited to prepare a short statement which will be circulated with the ballot forms. Space for this is included below the nomination slip. The length of the statement should not be more than 200 words. 

Parent governors can participate positively in the running of the school. The other governors will include staff representatives, governors appointed by Leeds City Council and representatives from the local community. All governors share in the important job of running the school. No special qualifications are needed other than a commitment to the school and some time to spare. The bringing together of governors from a wide range of interest groups in itself provides a wide range of skills that can benefit the school.

Please note that elected governors will be asked to complete a self-declaration proforma to confirm that they are eligible to serve as a governor. 


Education Leeds and the Diocese offer training and support for governors so no parent should feel deterred from putting themselves forward as a school governor. If you would like more information before deciding whether to stand either contact the Headteacher at the school or the Governor Support Service. Parent governors serve a four year term of office irrespective of whether their child leaves the school during the term of office. Please do give some thought to standing as a parent governor.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S O’Brien