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Schemes of Learning

‘White Rose Maths Hub Schemes of Learning’

School is using the ‘White Rose Maths Hub Schemes of Learning’ in the planning of the maths curriculum, to ensure a mastery approach to the children’s learning. The maths curriculum is a Mastery Curriculum which means the children are expected to master and understand mathematical concepts to a deep level.

With this in mind, the children are expected to work within their year group’s objectives. They will be challenged through more complex reasoning and problem solving activities for deeper learning and a wider breadth rather than a linear, moving upwards approach.

Please click on the links below to access the Yearly Overview/Long Term Plan for your child’s year group.

Yearly Overview - Year 1

Yearly Overview - Year 2

Yearly Overview - Year 3

Yearly Overview - Year 4

Yearly Overview - Year 5

Yearly Overview - Year 6