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Welcome to the French section of our school website!
Here you will find pictures of us learning, tips and
hints of how to get better with French and loads, loads more!


Our vision is to ensure that all children are passionate and confident linguists and that they develop the language learning skills needed for secondary and beyond.


Reading in French

As part of our Language curriculum, we encourage children to not only speak and write in French, but also to read! Why not have a look at the texts below and see if you can recognise any of the words and begin reading in French...


Here are some websites you can use at home too to help you improve your understanding of French...


Key French words and phrases

(Good to use on iPad)


Hundreds of free French language games


BBC Languages – French


French key phrases, geography, vocabulary and lots more.

(Plenty of free French language lessons and games for beginners)


French games


Taka t’amuser


Games to Learn French – many levels to choose from


French websites for children with lots of craft, videos, reading and games:


Books to read online:

Children’s books forever


The French Experiment


Stories to listen to followed by a possible comprehension quiz