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Year 6 

 Remote Learning - W/C 28.06.2021


6RG & 6MO Maths

Monday: Video -

Worksheet -

Tuesday: Video -

Worksheet -

Wednesday: Video -

Worksheet -


area-of-a-triangle (1)

area-of-a-triangle (2)


Friday - Mymaths


6RG & 6MO English


- Read the first 10 chapters of Holes

- Write a summary of what has happened in the story so far. (One full page of your book)

- Write a prediction of what you will happen next in the story. Write why you think this will happen (what has happened in the story so far to make you think this?)

- Write a character description of Stanley Yelnats (what does he look like? What sort of character is he? Does he have any strange habits/characteristics? What do you know about his family?)


Comprehension sheets



How to draw a gas mask

How to draw a spitfire


Mrs Hughes' Maths Group

Monday - Worksheet

- Video

Tuesday - Revision

Wednesday - Revision

  Thursday - Revision

Friday - Revision


Mrs Joyce's English Group

After the War - Reading and Writing work