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Year 6 

Year 6 work - English, Maths, Science & RE

(Mrs Hughes' Maths work and Mrs Joyce's English work are underneath) 

Mrs Hughes' Maths Group


Powerpoint - Worksheet


Powerpoint - Worksheet


Powerpoint - Worksheet


Powerpoint - Worksheet


Powerpoint - Worksheet

Mrs Joyce's English Group


Monday 17th January

Spelling Day 1 

Today in school we are taking part in an online poetry workshop. If you are at home, do some reading this morning; try to read some poetry if you can.


Tuesday 18th January

Spelling Day 2

Today, we are finishing off our adventure stories about being a superhero with either bionic limbs or the power of invisibility. If you are at home, write another chapter for your story.

Wednesday 19th January

Spelling Day 3

Storytelling day. We are sharing our stories and trying to see if we could include any personification or metaphors into our writing as we found out how to do this in the poetry workshop.

Thursday 20th January

Phonics – how many words can you think of with the ‘ue’ grapheme.

Write as many as you can and write three sentences using some of them. Read ‘The Mighty Beast’ poem.  

Think about the structure, rhythm and rhyme in this poem.

  Friday 21st January

It is spelling test day in school, so ask somebody to test you on your spellings.

Poetry writing – Write your own poem about an invisible beast – think about the movement, noise and then finally appearance once it becomes visible.