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Year 3

Work to be completed for the week commencing 19.10.2020


Recap Subtract 1-digit from 2-digit numbers – crossing 10

Subtract a 1-digit from 3-digit number - crossing 10

Add and subtract 3-digits and 2-digits – not crossing 10

English / Science: 

Read through the powerpoint on soil formation and then explain in your own words how soil is formed.

RE: The Rosary

Read through the powerpoint and then complete the sheet on how to pray the Rosary at home.

W/C 5/10/20 & 12/10/20



Recap Add and subtracts 1s 

Add and subtract 3-digit and 1-digit numbers - not crossing 10

Recap Add a 2-digit and 1-digit number - crossing 10

Add 3-digit and 1-digit numbers - crossing 10

Recap Subtract a 1-digit number from 2-digits - crossing 10


English / History / DT:

Read about the Stone Age. Make a mammoth and write a set of instructions about how you made it.



Signs and Symbols of Baptism

  Draw at least three of the signs and symbols used in the Sacrament of Baptism and explain why they are used.



Volcano Presentation

How a volcano is made



Make your own volcano.