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Year 3

Remote Learning - W/C 05.07.2021



Watch the online lessons and complete the worksheets. 

MondaySkills Check

TuesdayFinding the duration

WednesdayComparing durations 

ThursdayStart and end times 

FridayMeasuring time in seconds 



My News – remember to use a range of fronted adverbials

Pobble – The magic tree


Science - plants


Use the internet to find out about the life cycle of a flowering plant and pollination. 

Then either print out and complete the worksheet or draw your own on a piece of paper.


RE: Using our gifts to help others

St Gemma Galgani p 102 - 103

LO: To know about people who use their gifts to help others. 

To think about what we can learn from them.


Read p102

Complete Activities 1a) c) and c) on p103.