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How to use Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Remote learning is now being set using Google Classroom

This is accessible on computers, laptops, tablet, phones, Xbox and PlayStation.


To get onto Google Classroom go to:

or on a phone / tablet you can download the Classroom App


 You will then need to Log in using your Username & Password provided by school.

(This is in the pack you were given by school - If you have lost it you can go to your year group page and email you teacher to ask for it) 

How to Log In to Google Classroom (video)

How to join a live lesson (video)

Completing Work 

Once you are logged in you will see the work set for you by the teacher and be able to communicate with them.

Below is a useful video guide on using Google Classroom as a pupil.

How to use JamBoard (video)

How to complete and hand in work (video)

 Google Docs

Some work will be completed using Google Docs/Slides etc. 

When you work on a Google Doc online it saves automatically so you do not need to click save.

When you are finished, either close the tab or click 'Turn in'.


Below is a beginners guide to using Google Docs.