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WC 26.04.21

This week we are recapping on the phonemes ‘s’ ‘a’ and ‘t’.

Using the objects or things you have spotted over that past few weeks which start with the sound ‘s’, ‘a’ or ‘t’, gather these together and see if your child can sort out the objects into their initial sounds.


-As it is the month of May we are learning about Mary, the mother of God.

We are thinking about what Jesus said to Mary and one of Jesus’s disciples as they stood at the foot of the cross;

‘Jesus said to Mary, “He is your son”; and to the disciple, Jesus said, “She is your mother”, and from that time on the disciple took Mary to live in his home’ (John 19:25-27).

This is very important as Jesus is also giving us Mary to be our mother too.
Have a think about what parents do- they help us, care for us, love us and teach us.
Just like our own parents, Mary we can always talk to Mary in prayer.
Take a little time to thank God for our parents and especially for our mother Mary.

-We have been enjoying role playing in our shop/ cafe, making shopping lists, buying food, taking orders and serving food.

Why not try this at home- perhaps you could encourage your child to write down what someone would like for lunch and help them to prepare it;
or maybe you could help your child to gather a few items to make your own shop.

What could you buy? How much will it be? You could use smaller objects like pasta to be pretend money and use this to pay the shop keeper.

-We have been challenging our listening skills through music.

We are quite good at keeping a steady beat and stopping and starting together so we are now practising listening to and copying different types of patterns of beat,
for example, tap, tap, stop, tap, tap, stop; a loud tap and then two quiet taps, a loud tap and then two quiet taps; three fast taps.

Have a go at home using a pan and a wooden spoon.
Encourage your child to make up their own pattern of beats that you could copy.