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WC- 17.01.22

Continuing on our theme of ‘space’

Talk to your child about things that are far and near.  As you talk about what is far and near you may need to show your child what you mean. 

Challenge your child to spot things that are it as easy to spot things far away?

Expand on the concept of far away using the word ‘distance’- is the sky and space far away/ in the distance?
What could we use to look at things that are far away/ in the distance...a telescope or binoculars.
Talk about the difference between binoculars and a telescope, linking to the concepts of 1 and 2.

You could have a go at making binoculars or a telescope using rolled up paper or tubes.

Have a go at window gazing. Look out of the window and see how many things you can see?
For example, count cars/ trees/ people/ animals. Can you draw a picture of the things you have seen?

In RE we are continuing to think about the ‘Holy Family’

Have a look at some pictures of the Holy Family (See below).  Can the children remember who they are?  

We are continuing to listen to the story of the ‘Loss and Finding of Jesus in the Temple’ (Luke 2: 41-52).
Can you remember how Mary and Joseph felt when they couldn’t find Jesus? How about when they did find Jesus- how did they feel? 

Support your child to look at their face in the mirror; ask them to look sad/ upset/ worried.
Support your child to notice the changes in their face.
Then, as you look in the mirror with your child, change your facial features (sad/ upset/ worried).
Support your child to notice the changes in your face as you express those emotions. 

God made everyone different and how we show our emotions using our faces are different.
This exercise will help children become aware of our facial expressions and how these can help us to know how others are feeling. 

Please check Tapestry for more ideas.