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W/c 22.03.21


- This week we are continuing to learn about road safety and different types of transport. While out and about, remind your child about how to keep safe and support your child to spot different types of transport. 


-Using our transport theme, have a look at car registration plates and see which numerals you can spot, or perhaps count the number of red cars that you spot. 


-Focusing on initial sounds, play ‘I spy’ with your child.

‘I spy with my little eye something beginning with...d...’  ie. door, doughnut, dinner, dog.

You could play this while out and about, inside or while sharing a book.


-In R.E. We are continuing to learn about the Passion of Our Lord thinking about how Jesus died but it was not the end!

You could watch this here: 

We are learning that Jesus showed forgiveness and we could do this too.