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W/C 19/10/20

-How about creating a band using household items and practice some rhythm!

-Use the leaves, sticks and conkers you can find while out and about and create your own picture.

-Guessing games are a good and interesting way of helping your child develop descriptive language.

Find some different objects in your house i.e. a banana, a toothbrush, a fork and a pencil. Talk about these objects, for example:

A banana is long, smooth and a little squashy.

A toothbrush is long, hard but has soft bristles.

A fork is long, hard and has some pointy bits on the top.

A pencil is long, hard and has one point at the top.

Tell your child to close their eyes. When their eyes are closed, describe one of the objects to them - they need to guess the object. When they have had a turn, it's your turn to close your eyes while your child describes an object for you to guess.

Please check Tapestry for additional learning activities.

W/C 12/10/20

-Shape spotting. Have a look around the house and find shapes in everyday objects, i.e. a television screen maybe a rectangle; the top of a toothpaste tube is a circle.

-Go on a walk looking for changes to the environment, i.e. leaves and conkers.

-Helping around the house is a great way to develop listening, attention and understanding. For example, ask your child to put  a certain  number of  items of clothing into the washing machine or to check ‘under’ and ‘behind’ furniture for toys to tidy up.


-Please check Tapestry for more ideas.