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Daily Prayers

Fr Doody has been filming mass, prayers and the rosary every day and putting it on the parish facebook:

Welcome to your new ‘Prayer at Home’ resource!

This week's Gospel tells of a man who was born blind receiving miraculous healing after an encounter with Jesus: the story helps us to reflect on how Jesus restores both physical and spiritual sight.

The blind man who was healed came openly and honestly to Jesus, and so was able to see Jesus as He truly is, the Son of God. However, the religious leaders of the time, the Pharisees, were more concerned with their own dogma and failed to see the true Jesus.

This week's prayers help children to know that they can come to Jesus openly and honestly and share all their questions, hopes and fears. As they do this, they will be invited to recognise how Jesus is at work in every moment of their lives.

Daily Prayers for Home

w/c 23 March 2020


Each day there is a Prayer Leader and Reader. These can both be read by an adult caregiver or shared with an older child.

Slide 1
The Prayer Leader introduces and contextualises the Gospel story.

Slide 2
The Reader reads a paraphrased version of the Gospel.

Slide 3
The Prayer Leader helps children to explore an attitude or emotion from the Gospel, reflecting on Jesus’ perspective, which is always that of love, compassion and the desire for healing and wholeness.

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The Prayer Leader facilitates a time of reflection where children are invited to think of a time when they thought or felt like the character in the story and remember that Jesus meets them in every moment. Children are given the opportunity to invite Jesus into their hearts and see the attitude or feeling through His eyes.

  • All the text for the prayer is given on a Google Slide.

  • Click the titles below so you can access the prayer for today

  • You can use any device to access the prayer - a laptop, computer, tablet or phone!

  • If for any reason you are able to view the Google Slide, you can download the prayers as PowerPoints below.