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Coronavirus Letter





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Dear Parents,

As the situation continues to worsen with regards to the coronavirus, I am writing to share what limited information we have.
Like you, we watch and wait for direction from central government.

As I am sure you will know from the children, we have strict hand washing in place and parents are rightly making sensible
decisions about whether or not their children are well enough to attend school.

For the time being we are keeping school life as normal as we can. We have from this week, made the decision to reduce the
number of occasions when we will gather as a whole school or as a key stage with a view to keeping as much as possible class based.
We have sadly made the decision to cancel the year 3&4 Easter production following the directive to avoid mass gatherings.

In the event of school closure we will notify you by text message and notification will be posted on the school website.

Staff have prepared a range of work-related tasks and activities for the children to take home and the school website will
provide additional tasks should they be needed; these will be updated weekly if necessary.

The magic breakfast company, who provide free cereal and bagels to school, intend to continue this even when we are closed.
We will endeavour to send the children home with supplies and will then make both cereal and bagels available to families to collect
weekly from a collection station within the school grounds.

Leeds catering also plan to provide all those children on free school meals with a daily meal.
Please note, this is not universal free dinners (FS2 to y2) but for those in receipt of benefits.
Meals will be brought into school for collection by an adult each day.

Details about collection points will follow via text message and the school website, should we need to put this into action.

In the event of closure, should you need to make contact with school in an emergency please use the school email address as above.
We will be checked daily and responded to as soon as we are able to do so.

Ongoing updates about school business will be sent out via text message and posted on the school website as we have them.

If school has to close and you would like to collect cereal and bagels each week please complete the slip below and return
it by 3.30pm on 18.3.20.

If your child has free school meals and you would like to collect a meal for them each day please complete and return the slip
below by 3.30pm on 18.3.20.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding at this challenging time for us all. We pray for a swift end to this awful
situation and a prompt return to normality.


Yours sincerely,

Mrs S O’Brien


Child’s name __________________ class__________

My child has free school meals and I will collect a meal each day for them from the school collection point.

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Child’s name_______________________ class __________

I would like to collect cereal and bagels from the school collection point each week.

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