W/C 8th October 2018                                                        Issue 3   

Sunday 14th October is the welcome mass for our new Foundation Stage 2 children and their families.The mass will take place in St. Augustine’s Church on Harehills Road at 10.30am and it would be lovely to see everyone there to join us in this celebration.

Could we ask that the FS2 children arrive by 10.15 and if possible in their school uniform. Please note, you must stay in Church with your children throughout the service.


The MacMillan coffee event raised over £200. Thank you to everyone who attended and to everyone who donated cakes and buns for sale. The actual event was well attended and as always you were very generous.


Can we ask all parents to make sure that their child brings a coat to school. Even if the weather is fine and sunny when they leave home, at this time of the year things change and by lunchtime it can be cold or even raining.

We have noticed that some of the headbands worn by the girls are rather big and more suitable for a party, we ask that the girls wear small headbands or small bows to hold their hair back. Please also check your child’s hair on a regular basis as we have had reports of head lice again.

Once again we are having to ask parents to park sensibly outside school and NOT on the yellow lines. The lines are there for a reason, to keep our children safe, please do not put the children at risk by parking illegally. Can we also remind all parents to use the gates at the sides of school which are clearly marked for pupils and parents. The only time the visitors entrance should be used is Wednesday lunchtime for Nursery.


We have also noticed that some parents and children are running through the large car park gate when it is open for cars coming in or going out, not only is this very dangerous but it stops the gate from closing and in the past has broken the gates. Please DO NOT come in through the large gate when it is opening or closing, use the correct side gates which will ensure you enter and leave safely.

The choir have been very busy. Last week they sang at St. Paul’s and this week they are visiting Aberford Hall Care Home in Oakwood. The choir put a lot of effort into learning the words and singing together and it has proved to be worthwhile as they really do sound lovely.

 S. O'Brien