W/C 3rd September 2018                                                        Issue 1   

Welcome back everyone.

We would like to thank all parents/carers for sending their children back looking so smart.

The Nursery and Reception classes will be joining us next week.


The school and Parish are saying goodbye to Father Jonathan and welcome to Father Michael Doody.

We would like to say a big thank you to Father Jonathan for all he has done for the school. He will be missed by everyone here.


The After School Activities will soon be starting again. Letters will be sent out by the staff members who run these clubs informing you of the times/days and also if your child needs to provide anything when taking part.


On the back of this newsletter are a few dates that we have for September and October. The rest of the dates will be sent out once they have been finalised.



Children can only change from dinners to packed lunches or from packed lunches to dinners at the end of each half term. You need to notify the office before school closes for the half term holiday if your child wishes to change. Dinner Money for years 3,4,5 and 6 is £11 a week. Please make sure this is sent to the office in an envelope with your child’s name on. If you are not able to pay this on a weekly basis please speak to the office to make arrangements. A lot of time is spent having to write letters reminding parents to make payments for dinners, breakfast club and after school club. If you receive a letter and do not agree with the amount owing please do not ignore the letter, speak to the office so we can rectify the situation rather than have the amount owing increase.


We are not allowed to authorise leave for holiday during term time. If you must take your child out of school for any reason a leave of absence form must be completed. The head teacher can only authorise leave in exceptional circumstances. Any other leave will be unauthorised and a fine may be issued by Leeds City Council.


Already we have had reports of head lice. Please check your child’s hair regularly. If you need any advice on how to check for lice/eggs please speak to a member of staff.

Mrs. S. O’Brien