Visit from Father Michael

On Friday 15th March Father Michael came into visit 4CB. We asked Father Lots of questions and we found out lots of interesting things about Father and our religion.

We enjoyed our afternoon with Father and deepened our understanding of Religion.


World Book Day

On Thursday 7th March, 4CB got into the spirit of world book day by dressing up as lots of fabulous book characters.



4CB had a fantastic time down at Cardinal Heenan High School on Thursday. They had the opportunity to do a science experiment about light, which all of 4CB found enjoyable and exciting. We got to use different types of equipment and would love to go again.



 Library workshop

4CB had the opportunity to participate in a Nick Sharratt workshop and Leeds city library. We had the opportunity to see the illustrations that Nick has produced for authors such as Jaqueline Wilson, as well as do some fun activities.





During the month of October, 4CB learnt new information about the Rosary. We looked at all the different prayers that are included in saying the Rosary and which beads are relevant to each prayer. We also looked at the different mysteries of the Rosary and which days the mysteries are prayed on. As a class we said a decade of the Rosary together producing a calming and peaceful atmosphere within the class.




 Vikings -  Using an Atlas

As we started our Vikings topic, we shared lots of information that we already knew about the Vikings and learned even more new and interesting facts! In 4CB we knew that the Vikings had invaded from places such as Sweden, The Netherlands and Scandinavia. In one of our fun topic lessons we used the Atlas to find where all these places the Vikings came from were and to also see on a map how far the Vikings had traveled to invade Britain.