Meetings & Projects

Meetings are held every Monday at 10:20am

All school council members present, with Miss Broderick taking minutes.

Things we have looked at to discuss in our up and coming council meetings.

    • Drawn up a letter to the chair of governors, for a budget for school council.
    • Talk to our local MP for ideas how we can get involved in the local community.
    • Litter posters in and around school grounds.
    • Parking/driving/littering posters outside school grounds.
    • Toast sales.
    • Talent show.
    • School disco.
    • Sleepover.
    • Wacky hat day.    


Mothers Day Raffle

The school council held a mother’s day raffle. They were raising money for new indoor play games. The prize was a hamper filled with lots of treats. This is the lucky winner.


Healthy Schools - Staying Healthy

The school council have been looking at reasons why it is important to drink water throughout the school day. As a team we split into groups, with some looking at the reasons and others looking at ways we could advertise the importance around school. We are beginning to create a poster to distribute around school with all the vital facts and information to keep us healthy from drinking water.