Pupil Premium Action Plan

Pupil Premium action plan 2019-20

Pupil Premium action plan 2019-20




By whom


EYFS starter packs – basic pack including a white board and pen, number book, nursery rhymes,

To support early learning at home.


EYs team


Increase teacher: pupil ratio for y4 English and Maths.

Raise standards; personalized teaching and learning; diminish the difference.

1 year

S Joyce

D Hughes


To provide a range of writing resources/intervention for target pupils in years 1/4/5/6

Raised standards in writing, diminishing the gap on non-pupil premium pupils.

1 year

Support staff x 4

4 hours per week


Increase the range of resources to support and enhance reading in UKS2

Raised standards in writing, diminishing the gap on non-pupil premium pupils.

1 year


Support staff x 4


To initiate a book swap shop

Initial layout to purchase books for each child who will then read their book and bring it back in to swap

Establish class/school swap shelves

Families encouraged to send in unwanted books to contribute to the swap shops

Increased access to books

Raised standards in reading

By Oct half term

All staff

SLT to lead


To provide all children with a homework pack – age group specific

Each child has the necessary resources to complete HW

End of September

Yr group teachers


Provide 1:1 additional daily reading sessions targeting y5 & 6 pupils

To increase time spent reading with an adult. Improved reading skills and increased enjoyment.

Each day

Support staff x 2


Provide SEBD support through:

Nurture group provision

Learning Mentor support

Social Interaction Group

Intense support and intervention for individual children and small groups to raise self-esteem, improve confidence, develop friendships and improve behaviour.

Weekly schedule

Reviewed half termly

Daily or weekly slots according to need

Learning mentor – Mrs Surtees Support staff and relevant teaching staff.




Speech and Language Therapy

To provide individual programmes for identified children. Improving outcomes in expressive language and vocabulary; increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

Weekly provision

X1 day a week all year


X1 a week with therapist

Weekly follow up by support staff




Catholic Care

Improved well being

X1 day a week all year

Mr Robertson


Intervention groups

·         Phonics/Spelling

·         Reading/writing

·         Maths


Raised standards in all areas of learning, through targeted and timely intervention




Support staff

Mrs Joyce

Mrs Williams



After school booster classes – y6 - Targeted intervention for reading, writing and maths

Improved standards, accelerated progress

X2 a week for 2 terms

X4 teachers


Attendance support meetings

To reduce absence and improve attendance


Mrs Hebbron



Trips/residential costs

Increased access and engagement

Equality of opportunity

Improved self-esteem, self-confidence

Raised standards in writing

Each term




Equality pot for things like own clothes day, bun day, theme days


As identified



Free breakfast club places

Improved attendance

Improved readiness for learning

As identified



Free Extra-curricular activities

Increased participation and raised self-confidence and self-esteem

As identified



Total income






Total expenditure